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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Meet Our Landlord!

Here at AIC, we don't just pander to our renters, we also pander to our landlords. Welcome to all visitors who are here by way of Chatty!

Meet Chatty Tawkinbout. She moves into Deni's spare room and immediately throws a party for herself. They don't call her "Chatty" for nothing. Martin thinks she talks enough for TWO people.

Chatty offers to make dinner for Deni, who is clearly humbled. (Although it's hard to look humble in a tiara)

I guess Chatty isn't such a great cook.

She plays "The Song That Never Ends" with two fingers...

...and then Deni sits down and shows her how it should be done. Chatty puts $100 bill in the jar.

Soon, the roomies go shopping together. Chatty wants to buy a new swimsuit, because she thinks this one has too much fabric. She gets sidetracked by this ugly thing and thinks, "Who wears this stuff?"

Ah... now that's more like it!

Deni approves of the butt-floss so much that she invades Chatty's dressing room!

When that dressing room's rockin', don't you be knockin'!

New clothes AND woo hoo. Chatty sure is loving Cyberia...

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