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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Desperate Anne Marie

after dumping Bud, Anne Marie decided to move on with her life. being pregnant with her second child with Bud is NOT gonna stop her.with her hormones out of whack, she finds herself deliriously attracted to her male housekeeper. he looks gay, but he might just put out, thinks Anne Marie.
well, he did. after he made the bed, Anne Marie jumped him and they woohooed their hearts out.
of course, all that hot action forced Anne Marie into an early delivery. she pushed and pushed...
... and with a final twirl, gave birth to a daughter whom she named Dana Marie.
the houseboy's heart melted when he saw the little baby and proceeded to take care of her while Anne Marie got some rest.
the next morning, Anne Marie got the shock of her life when he asked for her hand in marriage. will she accept? will she be the housekeeper's wife? or is there more to him than just dusting and toilet-cleaning?

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