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Friday, February 17, 2006

LJ's Deadbeat Husband

all seems to be going well with LJ and her zombie husband.
but she can't deny that without Plain Jane, they have no cashflow. she decided to try her hand at working but no one will hire a woman in her third "daymester" and, much less, a zombie.

LJ decided to write some trashy novels but it was so trashy, no publication company wanted it.

it didn't seem to affect her deadbeat husband that they're almost broke. heck, he's okay eating rotten food.

to make matters worse, all this stress drove LJ to an early labor.

and wouldn't you know it... she gave birth to twins... a boy and a girl.

wanting to get out of this crazy house, LJ's adopted son, Holden decided to grow up and skip high school altogether.

he hugs his mom goodbye and heads to the nearest university.

a few days later, the twins celebrated their first birthday and turned into toddlers.

no one in the neighborhood attended 'coz they still avoided being near the zombie.

after the celebration, reality hit them as they opened all their bills. LJ started to get pissed when zombie-guy stated the obvious that they don't have any money left.

they fought day and night about bills and money. LJ started having second thoughts about her choice to stay with her zombie boytoy.

the next morning, LJ was surprised to find the Repo Man arrive at their doorstep. without even a hello, he started confiscating all their belongings with his high-tech repo gun.

enraged, LJ blamed all her bad luck on her husband so she decided to boot his sorry ass out the door. and with a quickie divorce that's only available in Cyberia, LJ became a single mother.

she sold her mansion and moved to a much smaller house, which used to be a warehouse for toxic wastes. she's still on the lookout for a job, but with very little skills, she's been unlucky so far.

on the bright side, her toddler twins celebrated their next birthday potty-trained and everything, so they were well on their way into childhood.

hopefully, they'll bring some luck into this dreary family.

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