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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Baby Daddy is a French Fry

Liesl is just a kid at heart, but what she really, really wants is a kid of her own.

She's shacked up with Lonnie after an ill-advised affair with the now elderly Mister Wonderful. Lonnie is an out-of-work actor but Liesl is falling for him against her better judgment. She thinks he's cute and that they'll make pretty babies together.

He tells her they really can't think about getting married and having kids until he gets a job, but Liesl has other ideas.

She proposes, assuring him that she can wait to have babies...she just wants to be married!

No one shows up for their wedding. The other Cyberians think this union is doomed.

Oh but what's this??

As they clean up the mess, Liesl tries to convince Lonnie that she's sick from too much wedding cake, since they had to eat it all themselves.

But what's her excuse the next day?

There's no denying it now. When you're pregnant in Cyberia, you don't just lose your figure, you lose your fashion sense too.

And in Liesl's case, your mind. While Lonnie has responsibly run out to look for work, Liesl invites Mister over "for old times' sake". The houseboy claims that "everything is clean", but that Liesl is one dirty bird.

Unaware that Liesl is getting a whopper with special sauce on the side, Lonnie tirelessly continues to audition.
A casting director determines that Lonnie couldn't act scared on the A-Train at 4 AM, but feels sorry for him. She gets him a gig that will at least help pay the bills.

And just in time, too. In a Cyberian minute, little Kramer is born. But will Lonnie find out about Liesl's indiscretion? Will he want to keep the baby? Is the baby even his?

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