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Friday, March 24, 2006

Marie's Comeback

after Marie got over her first breakdown, she decided that being poor just wasn't her. so she printed out a fake diploma, omitted the fact that she got expelled in her CV and started hunting for jobs.

she decided to pursue a career in politics since she's good at lying, erm, deceit... err.. scratch that. she just knew she's good. eventually, she landed a job as a lobbyist for some political group who were very anti-environment.

one of her assignments was to convince a member of the senate to hinder a bill that would help preserve some of cyberia's wildlife.

but Marie is the master when it comes to being sneaky so she presented the senator with her own agenda, erm, ideas. she was so masterful that the senator hired her on the spot.

realizing her power of persuasion, she invited the senator over for some of her wicked chili con carne and to voice out her worldly views. if she wants a career in politics, she ought to master her conversational skills.

it paid off as Marie got promoted once again and becomes a City Council Member of Cyberia. now, she has a little more power and, more importantly, more money. she might just be able to move out of the trailer park!

finally, she had money to buy groceries and be able to eat decent food for once, instead of eating TV Dinners everyday.

she also has enough money to buy new clothes. the ones she got at salvation army won't get her voted into office if ever she decides to run for president or something.

but, with all this success, could Marie have upset someone? say, a colleague who was next in line for promotion instead of her? or the old political groups she lobbied for and screwed over for her own benefit? 'coz someone is surely pissed as Marie finds her newspapers stolen and trash can being kicked over on a daily basis.

eventually, all this stress has taken a toll on Marie's health. well, the trash doesn't help either as its toxic fumes surrounds Marie's trailer.

now, she's sick with the flu and she might just be getting a heart attack.

can you say.... karma?

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