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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beauty Shop

the goddess xtessa has opened her very own beauty shop in cyberia. of course, everyone with a beauty emergency rushed to avail of her services. first up was miss vicki, the resurrected wife of bud buckley.
it seems that she attempted to fix their dishwasher and got electrocuted in the process. her cute blonde bob was scorched!
so, with some hair extensions and bleaching solution #88, miss vicki was all blonde, all the time... till the roots show.
the next customer was landismom, fiancee to the goddess plain jane. both have been missing from cyberia for awhile... rumor has it that jane whisked landismom to some "spa" for some facial remodification.
after learning her lesson of not fooling around with her looks by herself, landismom now leaves the beautification job to professionals. the results are so much better.
by the end of the day, anne marie strolled in to ask a favor from xtessa. it seems that she's back to working for the police and she's supposed to go incognito.
so, along with the fancy costume, xtessa applied some fantasy make-up and, voila... it was a beauty disaster!
anne marie, ashamed to show her face in public, ran out the beauty shop without paying... but is that an engagement ring on her finger?!!one of the perks of owning a beauty shop, you get all the good gossip firsthand!

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