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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Deni's Back, Liesl's Boobs

There have been some BIG changes in Cyberia. First, Deni Bloginski, who had blown into town, grown old and died, has been reincarnated. She's back and looking better than ever, too. She's about to give Liesl quite a scare, if the blonde bombshell can tear herself away from the Wall Street Journal. (Who is she kidding, seriously?)

Lonnie, who had been honing his acting skills while dressed as a French Fry, has finally landed a breakout role on "The Cybranos"...a hit TV show about SIM gangsters. This newfound fame has brought Liesl home from all that philandering, but Lonnie is still the one cleaning up the toilet water that Kramer has been splashing around in.

Non-blogger Ivy stops by to compliment Liesl and Lonnie on their fancy new home and minivan. Lonnie is sure that a big movie role is next. (Or maybe that's "movie roll"?)

After Deni has taken a dip in the pool, Liesl shows off her new implants. Deni says, politely, "Nice, but I've got to go practice my violin. Later, chickie."

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