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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wild Nanny!

Lucy and Sage have had their baby boy, Earl, and are moving into a big new home. They are very much in love, Lucy has quit drinking and little Earl is a handful.

They've hired Laci Dancer to replace the stodgy old nanny they've been using to help out with Earl. They may have gotten more than they bargained for...

Sage tells Lucy that she needs to go back to work, now that Earl will be taken care of.

Lucy isn't all that comfortable with Laci getting naked, jumping into the hot tub, and talking about "woo hoo". Sage, on the other hand, seems pleased.

Still, Laci is a good nanny and doesn't turn her nose up at a dirty diaper or two.

This frees up the happy couple to get down with their bad selves.

But Laci Dancer is a dancin' machine and her motor is running.

She asks for the night off and heads for the clubs.

She gets the party started with a Sim version of the Macarena.

And then she jumps into the DJ booth and starts to spin.

Apparently she played a song that brought some bad memories back for one of the other clubbers, and Laci finds HERSELF getting clubbed!

And what's worse, the guy gives her "noogies". She'd better head home before she gets herself into some REAL trouble...

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