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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This Vixen's Sim(ulated) Life

Diane is still trying to break in this love nest of hers, so she calls non-blogger Brandon (not to be confused with Brando Knatt) and gives him another shot at her hot-lovin'.
This time, he's game, and Diane is sooooooooooooo thrilled she leaps into his arms!
He carries her to bed and woo-hoo ensues.
Brando stops by the next day to deliver a token of his appreciation.
Later that night he stops by again for some of what Diane serves up.
Suddenly he wrinkles his nose and asks Diane, "What's that SMELL?" Diane tries to spray on a little cologne to cover up what she assumes is her musky scent, but in reality, Brando is driven away by the heaping pile of rotting garbage in the street!
The next morning Diane finds that someone has not only kicked over the garbage can AGAIN, but has set fire to the roses left by Brandon earlier in the day. Poor Al is overcome by the fumes.

Ever the loving partner, Diane cleans up the mess and apologizes to Al for the actions of a very sick individual.
In an attempt to cheer Al up and take his mind of her stalker, Diane takes him on a date.
While she's trying on lingerie, Al sneaks into the changing booth.
He exits with a swoon...
...and Diane exits with Woo Hoo written all over her...well, actually above her, but, you know...
They rush home and fall exhausted into a deep sleep. While Al dreams of Diane, Diane dreams of, well, Diane. Let's hope this swinging thing is agreeable to Al, because it looks like he may be in over his head.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Keeping Natty Happy

Natty cracks up over the concept of 'bills'. She whips up a direct deposit and waves that mortgage goodbye.
Then she heads to the backyard to check out that big house on the hill. She spots poor Nicole grieving over her deceased husband.
But before she can whip up a little magic to help Nicole out of her financial bind, Nicole rushes over and rips into Natty for peeping. Poor Natty finds herself at the receiving end of a woman who is sick and tired of being spied on.
Then Natty gets MAD!
Reailzing that a woman of Natty's considerable power should not be left angry, the rest of the Fliess kids try to cheer her up. English makes lunch, Claire talks about her love of sports, and The Village Idiot busts a move, all for Natty's amusement.
English suggests a game of tennis, but Claire thinks they should take a trip Downtown. "Really, Claire? That would be great! Let me whip up a minivan and some cash."
Then off they go to the Corner Shoppes.
English tries on a swimsuit. Mirror, mirror on the wall...who's the sexiest student of all?
The girls pay for their purchases with Natty's Magic Simoleans.
Back home, Natty tries to think of a special way to thank her roommates for cheering her up.

"English, come quick! Natty conjured up a pool for us!"
Everyone is enjoying the pool...
...particularly the Village not-so-Idiot-afterall!

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What About Bud?

as soon as Miss Vicki got settled to being alive again, she gave herself a makeover and a new wardrobe... best way to get rid of that underworld smell.
Bud Buckley also decided to make their union official, as well, eventhough he's still married to Anne Marie.
meanwhile, Anne Marie has moved to a quaint little cottage with her son.
depressed over her separation with Bud, Anne Marie does nothing but eat and it looks like she's been gaining a lot of weight.
of course, she's in denial with what's really happening to her. finally, as she makes pancakes at 3 in the morning, she admits that it's not just pastry in her tummy. it seems that her last woohoo with Bud wasn't just any ordinary woohoo.
so, she decided to drop by Bud's place to forgive him and make another go at their relationship when, surprise, surprise, she finds Miss Vicki alive and happily settled.
Anne Marie was so mad at Bud Buckley that she can't even form a coherent word. in the end, she called it quits and left Bud Buckley for good.
poor, misguided and confused Bud... another one of his partnerships has failed and he's so heartbroken that he can't even pick up the guitar to sing his heart out.

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Trust Fund Babies Ripped on Caffeine

Jodes and Snav Mauth are settling in well. Today they became best friends. Awww...
Since neither have to get jobs right away, they spent their days playing. Here's a little game Sims call Punch-you, Punch-me.

They play darts in their panties...
...gossip about other Cyberians...
...fight over the bathroom...
... often...
...and drink Espresso.
Lots of espresso.
I mean A LOT of espresso! In fact, the girls have learned that if they drink enough espresso, they don't ever have to sleep.
The maid doesn't really like this game plan, but he's the hired help, so he just picks up cups for hours each day.
Meanwhile, the Trust Fund Babies hop in their new sports car and head out for a night on the town.
They do a little shopping first.
Then they grab a bite to eat at the local diner. Here's Jodes trying NOT to look at Snav's chocolate cake.
As the sun goes down, the girls hit the Nightlife. Jodes immediately kicks the DJ out of the booth and takes over.
She's doing a pretty good job by the looks of the dance floor. Hey, if Shiitty appreciates the tunes, you KNOW it's good.
Snav tries to hit the dance floor, but instead is hit on by this dorky Sim with really bad moves.
Snav is not having any of that! She hoists her glass and drenches him.
Then Jodes has a bit of a mishap at the table.

The girls dash out of the club before the doorman kicks them out, but not before Snav roasts a quick marshmellow for the drive home.

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