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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh, Bite Me!

when last seen, Lu Reds was desperate for money and asked help from O.C. Bee's boyfriend, Benjamin. he got her a job but unbeknownst to her, the position was vampire food.
after being bitten, Lu decided to return the good favor Benjamin has bestowed upon her.

well, Benjamin kinda has a freaky thing going on... he's into that biting stuff... you can just see it on his face as Lu delivered her deadly bite. isn't that the picture of pure bliss?

instantly, his fake tan was replaced by this pastely white complexion all vampires are sporting... and he developed a lisp due to his sparkling white fangs.

later that evening, he came home to find O.C. Bee waiting for him. she knew that he was being unfaithful as usual so she decided to break up with him.

Benjamin, however, had other ideas... he bites her and O.C. Bee definitely thinks that this is grounds for a breakup.

mad with rage, O.C. Bee wanted to know why her boyfriend was acting like a vampire and went on biting her like that... Benjamin thought he did all out of his love for her.

clueless to what really transpired, O.C. Bee woke up the next day to go to work. as she waited for her carpool, she wondered why the sun felt extra hot today...

being the smart girl that she is, O.C. Bee put two and two together... and... oh-oh...

her skin started to prickle and smoke... and she became a pile of ashes on the sidewalk. everyone knows vampires and sunlight don't mix.

Death arrived with the mailman to deliver the bad news to O.C. Bee's family that she's passed on... but there was no one around, so the mailman acted as the grieving party. poor O.C. Bee...

a few days later, Lu heard the news about O.C. Bee's untimely death over the radio. she was filled with guilt and grief... she remembers that they were roommates first before they became bitter rivals.

so, with her last money, she bought Vampicillin-D to be rid of her vampire ways...

concentrated on her art and decided to sell a few of her masterpieces...

got a new haircut and looked for a decent job for once...

a new year... a new Lu.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

More Christmas Fun in Cyberia (Part Two)

Jan is kind enough to share her Christmas with that annoying neighbor Aleks Ayhole. And little baby Phoebe just adores the tree! (and Aleks, unfortunately. Must be mullet-envy.)

Newest Cyberians Sage and Lucy M. enjoy a traditional Christmas pillowfight. Never heard of it? Me neither...

Liesl throws a little dinner party before heading off for work. Those healthcare workers can't catch a break. She's thinking of going into law. Nadia and her non-blogger husband Ken leave baby Chandler at home, and Dawn can't pass up a free grilled cheese sandwich even if it IS the third dinner party she's attended today.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve in Cyberia, Part One

What some of our favorite Cyberians are up to this Christmas Eve...

Deni, Dawn and Martin cutting a rug in front of the tree. Deni's daughter Vyn has gone off to college.

Karan has clearly hit the egg nog once too many times as she talks to Micah about recycling through a teddy bear. Their daughters, Wonkette and Jane, have left for school as well.

Michele, a General in her own right, plays with pajama'd hubby Mister. They have been heartbroken since Sigmund left for University along with the other teenaged Cyberian kids.

Heidi marvels at what a great dad Charlie is to little adopted Kennedy. The girls, Ethel and Lucy, are off at school.

Since Apple left for college, P.G. and Julie are adjusting to a life of sharing Kevin.

Kevin is thinking he's having the best Christmas ever, especially since a handsome bisexual neighbor is getting himself good and drunk for the festivities that are bound to occur later this evening...

Robin and Martin are enjoying their own Christmas tree with little Pistachio (reading Harry Potter) and baby Aspara Gus. Next to St. Patrick's Day, this is their favorite holiday!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Meet the Kringles!!

Meet Sage and Lucy M.Kringle!

You'd think these two had never seen a tree before...

After they check out their new place, Nadia, Ken (non-blogger husband of Nadia) and Charlie drop in to say hi. Sage thinks Nadia is a regular ray of sunshine.

Ken and Nadia can't keep their hands off each other, leaving Sage thinking "Get a room already."

Charlie wows the group with his breakdancing skills. Not bad for an old geezer!

The group retreats to the hot tub and stays there until the wee hours of the morning.

"Dear Diary... I can't stand Ken."

"...I really want to have a baby. I wonder how long I need to live with this guy Sage before he'll give me one..."

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Please Visit Our Sidebar Tenant

Go see Jeremy at "Haunted House Dressing". He's got a nice blog and good info about the crap we eat in this country on a regular basis. And anyone who is willing to toss 50 credits at our little spot in cyberspace deserves a look, no? YES!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Truth Comes Out -- not all of it, though.

It's amazing that Kris hasn't noticed the lack of family resemblence, let alone Lu's decidely ethnic hairstyle.

Lu comes home from her first day of school with a ton of homework. Isn't that just like a public school?

Kris spends hours with Lu trying to help her get it all done.

At dinner the girls have a heart to heart. "Mommy, is daddy a vampire?"

Kris assures Lu that even though her daddy is a walking dead beat, she's more than enough parent for them both. They try a game of darts to cheer Lu up, but Kris decides a more drastic measure is in order.

She tries to take Lu bowling, but after a day like this, all Lu wants is to sleep.

So they wait for their cab...

... and even though they make it home, Lu just doesn't have the energy to make it in the house.

Once carried to bed by Kris, she dreams of her dad.

Kris thinks of Goopy too, but not in such loveable ways.

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WAY Overdue Updates

When we last checked in, PG and Kevinwere married, but being the magnanamous soul she is, PG allowed Kevin to have his young girlfriend Julie move in with them and their daughter Apple. They were living in an enormous house which kept the women out of each other's hair, but the place was too big to manage. So, off they went to find a cozier home. Apple warns Julie that there may be some twists and turns in the road ahead. Wise girl.

Kevin comes to his senses and reconnects with PG in a big way... much to the dismay of Julie.

She has no choice but to beat the crap out of him. Somehow, I think Julie's days are numbered in this house...

Over at the Bloginski's, Micah and Karanthrow a hot tub party, where Micah resents being called a big baby.

Pretty much on cue, he turns into an old man. It's 4:30 and he's already wondering where dinner is.

This old man may have more than he can handle in his daughter Wonkette, who is now a rock 'n roll chick with a penchant for sneaking out late at night.

Karan decides to change her hairdo and try to appear like a hip mom, but she forgot to also ditch her ugly swimsuit.

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