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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Double Trouble

Last time we saw Mojo Jojo, Liesl had given birth in his house. Panicked when she realized that her baby was not going to "pass" as the offspring of her husband Lonnie, Liesl left little Alf with Mojo. Talk about a housewarming gift! Just in time, Paris Hilton drops by as part of her most recent "Simple Life" assignment: Helping single-parent Cyberians raise their other-worldly offspring.

Unbeknownst to Liesl, Mojo had been abducted by aliens shortly after moving to Cyberia. The aliens gave Mojo a little gift of their own, and he doubles over in pain.

Then, almost miraculously..

...little Venus appears!

Mojo is now the proud daddy of TWO alien babies.

Paris is not much help.


She moves on pretty quickly, and demands a better assignment from E!

Knowing that he needs assistance, and fast, Mojo invites Chatty over for dinner and a few diaper changes. She's polite, but is a little put off by his shabby appearance and boring conversation about reflux. She turns up the volume on her iPod.

Once the kids are asleep, however, Chatty and Mojo really connect.

Alien babies grow up FAST, and these two are no exception. Mojo and Chatty throw a wild party for the two little green monsters.

And realize that they make a great team.

Still, these two will try anyone's patience, so Chatty and Mojo decide to hire a sitter and leave for a few hours.

They make their way downtown to get high with some local artists..

...and find a quiet place to get busy.

Although this was Mojo's "first time", Chatty is quite satisfied.

Meanwhile, Liesl is back home with Lonnie and Kramer, hoping that Lonnie will forget that the last time he saw her she was sporting an enormous belly. With any luck, he'll just focus on her breasts.

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