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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Liesl Makes Herself at Home

Mojo Jojo has moved into Cyberia to escape his past. He's got a little secret, but he's not ready to share that with his neighbors just yet. They'll find out soon enough.

Chatty, K-Fed and a very pregnant Liesl arrive to greet him. Mojo knows how to get K-Fed's attention! (K-Fed is turning into the Homer Simpson of Cyberia. "Beeeeeeeeeer!")

Liesl whips up some Crepes Suzette, instantly making her sexually attractive to Mojo. She turns down his offer of "whoo hoo", explaining that she's turned over a new leaf and has been faithful to her husband Lonnie for a long time now.

What's this? Liesl goes into labor!

Mojo and K-Fed are perplexed. K-Fed thinks that his wife Britney has behaved like this once or twice, but he can't remember exactly what happened after that.

Unable to count on any of the other guests for help, Liesl delivers her own baby. To say that little Alf bears no resemblance to Lonnie would be an understatement. I guess Liesl hasn't been QUITE as faithful as she's claimed.

K-Fed says, "Oh YEAH... a baby! THAT's what we got too!"

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