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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Girls Gone Mild

The last time we saw Chatty and Stephanie, they were doing the trendy "I'm bisexual" thing. They've since agreed to be nothing more than roommates, and have moved into a spiffy new place. With a washing machine!

Chatty tells Steph that she thinks they should invite a few people over, to let friends know they are both back on the market.

Stephanie thinks she's said, "Go to the market", so she hops on her rickshaw and goes shopping.

After being turned down by several old friends, Chatty plays on her laptop even though she's got tons of ironing to do.

Steph has run into Mayo while shopping, and invites her back to the house. She's a little creeped out by the "Single White Female" factor, though, and calls a cab to go downtown.

She finds a place to go watch The World Cup, rooting big time for Italy.

Back home, Chatty runs...

...takes out the trash while wearing stilettos...

...and goes back online, wondering where the wild days went...

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