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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Get, OUT! (Kris, Nicole, Lu, & Melodyann)

First thing's first: Yes, they left the babies on the floor!

Kris wastes no time reminding Nicole of their deal. Breed last, leave first!

Get OUT!

"Oh yeah?" Says Nicole. Well, I'm taking the maid AND the gardner... and um, your jacket is stupid!

Joe comes home and grabs Lu while Nicole calls for a cab.

Kris runs outside to make certain they're really leaving.

Then, a slow smile of relief spreads across her face.

Nicole, true to her word (always) not ONLY keeps up her end of the deal, but she manages to talk Joe into buying a bigger house...one the goddess is SURE they can't afford on Joe's salary alone.

Remember when I said, "Joe grabs Lu..." ? Well, in all the confusion, the Goddess had Joe grab the wrong baby. It's the first incident of baby switching in Cyberia! Joe and Nicole will now be raising Melodyann, while Kris and Goopy are the proud parents of Lu...that is unless, of course, the goddess can figure out how to switch them back!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh the Life of a Vixen! (Diane)

Diane quit her job, with Al's blessings. With both of them working the night shift, neither of them had sufficient time to pursue their extracurricular activites... well, they had plenty of time for each OTHER...

After a quickie woo-hoo, Al sits down to dinner. Diane thanks him for the fabulous time, though it's clear by her thought bubble that for Diane, any woo-hoo'll do... just slap a woo-hoo on a warm body and she's good to go.

Dressed to kill, and ready to party, she's still got woo-hoo on her mind!

With a wave and a smile, Al heads off to burgle and plunder, while Diane heads off to... bugger and wander.

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Beds & Birthdays on the Lawn - M.Butterfly, Kate, & Windrider (guest appearance by Diane Bea)

It was bedtime for Kate, but something was wrong. The Goddess could not get her to climb under the covers with M.Butterfly. They've been roomies forever! One look at Kate's meters revealed she was very very very unhappy with M.Butterfly. Once the Goddess put a bed on the lawn, Kate tucked herself in for the night. This can't be good!

In an effort to put on a good face for Windrider, M.Butterfly and Kate put their differences aside to celebrate birthdays!

But before Windrider gets to the cake, M.Butterfly does the "grow up" twirl...

...and enters her golden years. She still looks amazing!!!

Now that Windrider knows how it's done...

...he adds a leap...
...and lands a teenager!

Happy Birthday, kids!

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Oh How they Grow in Cyberia!

Oh how they grow! It's time for Funky Cowboy's Birthday Bash! Look, Kitty and Brando, together again! What's up with THAT?

Funky Cowboy loves his cake!

This is how we do it Cyberia, Funky Cowboy. One, Two, Three, a toss in the air and...

You're a toddler!
Sleep tight, little guy! Only a few more days until you're a child and off to school!

Don't forget to send your thoughts and prayers to the real Cat of Mom in a Swamp.

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Toddlers, Toddlers, and Scandalous Affairs

Over at the Sunnydale home, twins Lorne and Lornette are now toddlers. I can't wait to see what these kids look like on "smart milk."

At Karma and Robin's place, Karma is now a member of city council, but she manages to squeeze in some "quality time" with youngest daughter Molly before heading to the office.

Robin has gotten a job as an executive assistant to help support the family, but he, too, enjoys time with the kids. He and Rona play chess whenever they can.

Unfortunately, Karma has taken a shine to one of her co-workers, Angel Summers (Miscler's son and a new father to son Wesley with his WIFE Anya Harper). Karma does a little flirting, but Robin gives her a clear indication that he won't tolerate his partner's (they aren't married, only engaged) wandering eye.

However, what Karma and Angel do when their significant others are asleep is another matter entirely...uh oh!

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Cat Knatt & Hurricane Katrina

Stepping out of Cyberia, and into the real world for just a moment, folks...

Cat Knatt of A Mom in a Swamp is fine - let me start there.

The bad news is that Cat's home is in Slidell, ground zero for Hurricane Katrina. As of yet, they're unable to get any word on their friends, family, and property. Thankfully they evacuated early, but lots of things are up in the air, and it's hard to say when they'll be able to return to their home.

Please take a moment to send your best thoughts, wishes, mantras, and prayers to Cat and her family.

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Meet Lisa Stamps

this is Lisa Stamps...
she just moved to Cyberia 'coz she heard it was such an interesting town.
you see, Lisa is all about work. she's an Executive Assistant and aims to be the Big Cheese one day.
but you know all that adage about all work and no play...
yes, Lisa leads a very boring life...
her biggest thrill is her work.
and it sure pays off.
but will her life get more exciting as she meets three of the most controversial Cyberians: Bud Buckley Bloggeroo, known for impregnating and getting impregnated... Lu Red, who slept with her housemate's boyfriend... and said boyfriend, who seems to be making the rounds around town?

*click photos to enlarge

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Miscler's a grandma; Garnet gets her wish

Ever since Miscler's husband went to the Great Luau, she's been enjoying having her kids around. They tend to dine together every evening. Apparently Miscler makes a mean spaghetti. She also decided to change her look, going back to her naturally curly shoulder-length 'do.

Once daughter-in-law Anya had her baby Wesley, Miscler really got into being a grandma. She even seems to enjoy the dreaded 2:00 a.m. feedings.

Meanwhile, in another part of Cyberia, Garnet Wyndham-Pryce has finally gotten married, so she can hopefully stop talking about weddings with EVERYONE.

Apparently Dawn Rosenberg (Frally's daughter-in-law) didn't get the memo that it's tacky to wear white to a wedding. Groom Ethan gives her a stern talking-to. Nobody puts Garnet in a corner!

After the wedding, Garnet's ovaries, after screaming for so long to have their eggs fertilized, were finally able to take a rest. She's got a baby on the way!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome to Funky Cowboy! (Homer & Cat too)

Maya really wants to get out of the public school system (who can blame her? They have abstinence only health education, and you KNOW that doesn't work!). So Homer arranges for the headmaster to come over to meet the family and interview Maya. Being the good mommy that Cat is, she decides to go ahead and pop that baby before dinner.

Maya runs upstairs with Homer to watch the birth. Isn't funny the thoughts that run through a woman's mind when she's in labor?!?!

With one last scream and a jolly good whirl, the newest Knatt is born!

Please welcome The Funky Cowboy to Cyberia! Maya thinks he looks like their daddy!

In case you're wondering why they're all standing around in their formal wear, the headmaster pulled up while Cat was giving birth and decided "this family isn't right for our school." The bastard! The Goddess wonders if there's any way to move the headmaster in, then have him eaten by flies.

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It's a Girl (and another Girl)! Nicole, Kris, Melodyann, & Lu

The race is on! Who is going to keep the house?

While reaching for a book, Kris feels a sharp pain.

Nicole runs upstairs just in time to watch Melodyann of Searchin' for a Rainbow drop from the ceiling and into her mama's arms.

Nicole looks a little bored with the entire bonding thing.

But what's this? Nicole doubles over in pain just minutes later...
...cries to the heavens...

...and catches Lu of Lu's News.

Two mamas, two daddys, and two babies. Looks like Kris gets to keep the house, but will she hold Nicole, Joe, and Lu to the deal? It honestly depends on how well the Goddess can keep up with six Sims.

Please head over to Lu's and Melodyann's blogs and welcome them to Cyberia. Goddess PG, if you wouldn't mind adding them to the sidebar?

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