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Friday, September 30, 2005

Wooing Anne Marie Part One

everything looks picture perfect in the Bloggeroo household. Bud Buckley and Anne Marie sees their first young adult off to college.
their alien son, Boogie, also celebrated a birthday and became a teenager.
and their own offspring, Buckley Jr. grew up to be a miracle mite.
but there is trouble in paradise. Anne Marie overheard rumors about her husband's cheating ways and she decided to confront him about this.
Anne Marie broke down and cried, asking Bud if the rumors were true...
Bud, bless his heart, couldn't bear to see his wife cry, confessed everything and told Anne Marie of his infedelities.
and like any good ol' soap opera, Anne Marie slaps Bud so hard, it made him see stars.
but she didn't stop there... take that, Bud Buckley!
and that!
Bud bawled and asked for Anne Marie's forgiveness, she's filing for divorce.
so, what is a guy to do to win his wife's affection back? go to the local gypsy and buy Love Potion #8.5.will this be enough to woo Anne Marie? stay tuned for part two...

*click photos to enlarge

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Marie Witherwings has now finished her first year in college and made it into the Dean's List.
She also moved to a new dormitory 'coz her old one had a rat infestation.
But no one seems to befriend Marie. her reputation as a hustler precedes her and some sims were afraid that she's only after their money.
Marie sunk into a bit of a blue funk... no one wanted to play pool with her anymore 'coz she always wins.
suddenly, a guy in a llama jacket approached her. she's been warned about them saying that these guys were in some cult or something. but she was desperate, so she invited him to join her.
afterwards, Marie felt a bit robotic. she suddenly got the urge to buy new clothes...
... and even change her hairstyle. gone was her punk rock look, in place was the gorl next door. could that guy somehow hypnotized Marie to change herself?
one night, when everyone was asleep in the dormitory, a black limousine pulled up and out came a guy in a llama jacket.
he burst into Marie's room and started clucking like a chicken. Marie was terrified out of her wits.
the chicken guy suddenly handcuffed Marie telling her that she better come with him or else!
he pushed her into a limo and sped off into the night... with Marie just in her nightie.
they drove around for quite a long time, sometimes taking sudden left turns and u-turns, and for what seemed like an eternity to Marie, they finally pulled up into an old mansion.
Marie got out of the limo and was surprised to see a group of people applauding and congratulating her. it all became clear when the guy she met earlier approached her and whispered, "Congratulations. You are now a member of the Secret Society of Cyberia!"
Marie thinks to herself, "hmmm... secret society... means secret offshore bank accounts... i'm rich!"

*click photos to enlarge

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Meet Liesl!

Meet Liesl Newcomb. She just moved to Cyberia, and is bound to make quite an impression in that wild swimsuit! It's a Panthergirl Original.

Liesl really wants to meet a nice guy, get married and have a baby. She probably should have picked a different town.

She decides to whip up a few salmon steaks for her first visitor, Martin Anthropol.

Liesl may not have noticed the enormous wedding band he's wearing, nor that he's green.

Martin leaves after dinner, and Mister arrives almost immediately. This guy just cannot resist new Cyberian blood. He tells Liesl that she's "really built".

Within minutes, Mister is completely smitten.

She invites him in, but Mister seems to be having a little...problem. Must have been the bean dip.

He excuses himself and Liesl goes to bed alone...

...and dreams of Martin...

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Michele's Idea of a Party!

Michele, Mister and Sigmund have settled into their smaller home quite nicely. Mister is now a fancy schmancy campaign manager who has been spending a lot of time at work. Sigmund is doing pretty well in school and has a job, too. Michele is still enjoying her job in the military, but cooking is her new passion.

They decide to throw a party for PG, Kevin and Apple, hoping that the two kids hit it off. Mister brings a friend home from work, and Sigmund immediately comments on her nice bust. PG just wishes Michele would stop playing that blasted piano.

Since Mister is equally taken with Melissa, Michele decides to put him in his place.

Sigmund takes a shine to Apple. They seems to share the same skin affliction.

Michele is a little uncomfortable with the PDA, but still...she's glad that Sigmund has found love.

She serves lobster.

And hits on Dawn (who never misses a good party), prompting Mister to slap her.

This turns into a huge fight, much to the amusement of the party guests.

In fact, this has qualified as a "great party"!

When the guests leave, Michele leaps into Mister's arms and they both agree to try to be faithful to one another. We'll see...

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Plain Jane!!

Please join me in wishing yet another Goddess a Happy Birthday, albeit a day late!

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More sims breeding like bunnies, etc.

Amy (Harper) Simms is in grandma heaven. Pink-haired daughter Harmony's first child became a toddler, and under those purple pajamas, she's sporting another belly chock full o'baby. Harmony and husband Rupert would really like to move out, but Amy's definitely hoping they'll stay for a while.

At the Sunnydales', the alien twins are now school-age, their oldest is an adult, and daughter Tara is a full-fledged teen going through her obligatory blonde phase.

Charm is now an important scientist, like her husband Quentin. Their twins, Faith and Glory, are both adults, and their youngest daughter is now a teenager. They all look about the same age -- for now. Unfortunately for Charm and hubby, they're about to turn into elders any second now.

Karma and Robin's oldest daughter Rona is now a teenager, and Molly is in school. Their new baby arrived, but so far nobody seems to notice that it doesn't look like any of the other kids -- or like Robin. Karma is desperately hoping that nobody discovers her secret -- the new baby's father is Angel (Miscler's son), not Robin. Shocking!

And on a personal note, this goddess would like to apologize for the diminishing frequency of her Cyberian updates. I've just returned to graduate school, and alas, the real world takes precedence over the sim world. I will continue to update as I am able, and since University comes out for the Mac in November, I expect to waste a lot of my winter holiday sending all the Cyberians' kids to college.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...

Kevin and PG are now seniors, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. OK, it's only like their 5th, but it FEELS like their 50th. Their daughter Apple throws them a party and proposes a toast...

The old folks still got it goin' on...

PG has a great relationship with Apple, even though the kid is pretty much of a goof-off. She's doing terribly in school and is going through an "awkward phase".

She sneaks out of the house a lot.

She's given herself a new look, but all the makeup in the world can't disguise her skin issues.

Kevin is up to his old tricks (and now I do mean OLD), chatting up both Julie and Michele, telling them about the time he worked for Maybelline. They just wish he'd go put some pants on.

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