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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Girls Behaving Badly

In an attempt to get her to calm down, Paris' mother sends her to live with Sister Immaculata. (I guess she hasn't seen Sister's swimwear). Paris says that she might want to become a nun too.

But while she was buttering up the unsuspecting Sister, she was also sprinkling Xanax on her breakfast.

The sun's still up, but Paris wants to hit the hotspots early.

Paris orders a drink while Britney sings the blues.

She spots Tom and throws a drink in his face. "I know your zombie wife called Social Services on me!"

Tom slaps her. "My wife isn't even allowed to use the phone!"

Britney's not quite sure how to respond to that.

She lashes out at Katie. "I know it was you. They came and took my kids away! You were just jealous because your baby is just a figment of your publicist's imagination!"

Never turn your back on a zombie after a spewing a line like that.

"Oh my... I've created a monster", sobs Tom.

Having stayed out all night watching the Celebrity Death Match of Cyberia, Paris returns home to find Sister Immaculata just where she left her. Passed out in her pancakes.

"Where's Colin Farrell when you need him?"

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