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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Katie's Revenge?

Freaked out by zombie Katie's threatening behavior towards their kids, Britney and K-Fed move to the other end of Cyberia. It was also easier to move than to clean up all the beer cans and cigarette butts.

The Federlines throw a big birthday party for both boys. Partying along with K-Fed are Paris and Tyra. Britney pretends she's not threatened.

Bubba blows out the candles (with help from Britney and friends). Exposed to lots of secondhand smoke, Bubba is feeling a little short of breath.

Sean Preston celebrates his special day, too. One step closer to emancipation.

Once the party is over, Bubba screams for food. K-Fed takes out the garbage, while Britney asks, "Do you like my hair this way?"

K-Fed tells Britney that he finally saw the Pam and Tommy video. "Wow! I've never seen anything like it!" But while they chat, the SIMS gods send a clear warning. Click on this to read it.

Brit and K-Fed enjoy a pillow fight while Bubba continues to scream for sustenance.

Sean Preston tries to help, but there's nothing in the fridge except several six-packs of Bud.

He finds an almost-empty quart of milk (the rest was used for Black Russians), but Bubba is still out of luck.

All the while, Mom and Dad are sleeping peacefully, both dreaming about Britney's new hairdo.

What's this??? Someone has called Social Services! Off goes a relieved Bubba...

...with Sean Preston close behind.

The next morning, Britney tries to round the kids up for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. They are nowhere to be found! She calls the police who suggest that Sean Preston may simply have driven Bubba to Wal-Mart.

But a bereft Britney suspects foul play. Katie was jealous of Britney's offspring, and apparently didn't drag her feet about taking action. (Well, she was dragging her LEG, but that's because she's a zombie.)

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