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Monday, July 31, 2006

Trust Funds Are Boring -- Jodes, Snav, and Village Idiot

Snav and Jodes have been hanging out in their downtown condo for several months now. Being trust fund babies affords them certain luxuries. But sitting around in their Simone Perele lingerie seems to be boring the girls to tears.

"With all our money, Jodes, we should be traveling!" Snav decides. "Besides, with Paris in town now, being a heiress is totally last week."

The next day, Jodes joins the military. "Paris totally wouldn't do THIS!" she decides. Snav is bored, but not THAT bored.

Later the Village Idiot stops by to see his favorite girls (in this part of town). Looks as if he's picked up a nasty habit. Even the Goddess is quitting, VI!

While they wait for Jodes to get home from work, Snav and VI battle it out old school style.

And since Snav threw rock, and VI threw paper, he wins the right to prank the housekeeper.

Jodes returns from work with money on her mind. Work is so HARD, she thinks. But her daddy is so proud of his little princess that he buys her a new sports car and moves the girls into a respectable house in the suburbs of Cyberia.

Which, of course calls for a good old fashion pillow fight for all the neighbors to see.

Still, you'd think with all their money, Jodes could hire a cook and get off the cereal kick. Silly Jodes, Trix are for kids.

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