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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catching up with the Fleiss Gang

So what's up with that Fleiss Gang? Remember Village Idiot, English, Claire, and Natty? This harmonious household has been living it up in Cyberia. This is their favorite family photo, titled The Pillow Fight.

Claire is working her way up the sports career ladder.

English graduated college and works in a science lab.

Natty is relatively bored and has tried on a few careers. She opened a lemonade stand, but that didn't suit her.
She thought about modeling, but as pretty as she is, that seemed to be boring too.

She even took a job working in a mini mart just to screw with the customers... you know, turn them into frogs and such. She's such a Kevin Smith fan, so inspired by Clerks II. And she knows she rocks the Mooby Uniform.

Village Idiot came home from work and wanted to get in on a little game of red hands, but the girls told him that until he quit his nasty habit, he couldn't play their reindeer games.

So he quit smoking, but now he's dying his hair orange and carrying around a riding crop.

And his wanderlust is really getting out of hand. He thinks he's sneaking a peek at Natty's va-j-jay, but there is NO sneaking when it comes to his magical roommate.

All it takes is a thought from her powerful mind, and Village Idiot is under a spell. Natty's plan? Make him so irresistable to the women of Cyberia that he won't have time to sneak peeks at her goodies.

First he puts the moves on Claire. The spell is so powerful, not even his SpongeBob shirt and riding crop can weaken his appeal.

Claire is cautious at first...

... but he presses forward...

...and hits the jackpot!

After a hard day at work, he brings a love-gift to English. It's a good thing SHE can't read minds!

At the very least, the spell has assured that VI will never have to sleep in the closet again.

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