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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Meet Our Landlord!

Here at AIC, we don't just pander to our renters, we also pander to our landlords. Welcome to all visitors who are here by way of Chatty!

Meet Chatty Tawkinbout. She moves into Deni's spare room and immediately throws a party for herself. They don't call her "Chatty" for nothing. Martin thinks she talks enough for TWO people.

Chatty offers to make dinner for Deni, who is clearly humbled. (Although it's hard to look humble in a tiara)

I guess Chatty isn't such a great cook.

She plays "The Song That Never Ends" with two fingers...

...and then Deni sits down and shows her how it should be done. Chatty puts $100 bill in the jar.

Soon, the roomies go shopping together. Chatty wants to buy a new swimsuit, because she thinks this one has too much fabric. She gets sidetracked by this ugly thing and thinks, "Who wears this stuff?"

Ah... now that's more like it!

Deni approves of the butt-floss so much that she invades Chatty's dressing room!

When that dressing room's rockin', don't you be knockin'!

New clothes AND woo hoo. Chatty sure is loving Cyberia...

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Our Tenant!

Please go over to the sidebar and visit our new tenant, One Man Bandwidth!! I thought it would be nice to make a SIM out of him (and anyone else who rents), so meet Lonnie!

Liesl had placed an ad in the paper looking for a roommate, and she just loved Lonnie when she met him.

REALLY loved him.

Lonnie was barely unpacked when Liesl suggested they "relax". Since his luck was clearly with him, Lonnie decides to ask her if she'd let him handcuff her.

She said, "Sure...as long as I can put makeup on you."

They decided to just cuddle instead.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Soccer Mom

FunkyCowboy gets up for school and reminds his mom that they had bet $250.00 that Funky could make the honor roll. Well, it's time for Cat to pay up!

Realizing that her son is a budding genius, Cat decides to give this private school thing one more try. She spends the entire day learning how to make Baked Alaska.

When Homer returns from work, Cat makes him shower and dress for their dinner with the Headmaster.

Cat wasn't taking any chances with this meeting, so she arranged her dinner party with the Headmaster to coincide with FunkyCowboy's coming of age.

Here's the gangly teenager now! Isn't he just so goofy and cool?

Not taking any chances, Cat decides to hop in the hottub with the Headmaster while Funky retires to his room. "You think a schoolbus is a sweet ride? You should try me out, Mr. Headmaster."

Homer is enraged and quickly turns into some sort of wife beater.

Cat tries to apologize to Homer, telling him that she'd do ANYTHING for her little savant.

But Homer won't hear of it. He calls Rooms to Go and arranges for a single bed to be delivered ASAP.

The next morning Cat is pleased to find both Maya and FunkyCowboy donning their new school uniforms.

And once the family is off to school and work, Cat is left to figure out what to do about this pesky Homer problem.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

La Fiesta Tech

Many of our Cyberians' kids have grown up and gone off to college, specifically to La Fiesta Tech.

Lucy M. Kringle, who is currently undergoing invitro fertilization, unofficially adopted a stranger named Ivy who dropped by the house one afternoon. Ivy applied for and received an Orphan's Fund Scholarship and went off to school. As Lucy deposits her at the dorm, she can't help but remind Ivy that as much as she loves her, she really does want a baby.

Lucy hangs around with Ivy's dormmates for a bit, but really should have changed out of her paramedics uniform first.

Ivy checks out the local cafe and runs into Apple, the underachieving daughter of P.G. and Kevin.

Lucy emails Sage to let him know that Ivy is settling in just fine, and that she'll be home in time for her next treatment.

Over at Dorm Building 8, where several other blogger's kids live, Apple, Sigmund Wonderful (son of Michele and Mister) and Vyn Bloginski (adopted daughter of Deni) are smoking something out of a magical looking bong...

See? They're all getting high.

And getting naked.

Thankfully the school psychiatrist is available when Apple suffers from a paranoid episode.

Vyn has somehow obtained a counterfeiting machine and is "making money" for the dorm.

Michele stops by for a visit, and is thankful for the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to illegal behavior in college dormitories. She's just glad Sigmund is doing his homework.

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Happy Birthday, Snav!

It's Snav's birthday!!

In honor of your birthday, I've given you a make-over!

Happy Birthday, Dah-ling. You look maahhhhvelous!

On a sidenote, do you think the housekeeper is gay?

Yeah, me too.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Higher Learning

everyone envies Diana. she seems to have it all. after realizing that living with four frat brothers weren't all that, she decided to get a job as a housesitter for one of her professors.
since then, she's been seen driving around campus with a pimped-out ride.

she throws the coolest party... only the popular kids attend it and wannabes always crash it.

she always wear the latest fashion and her formal wear is always made by a well-known designer.

plus, she currently goes out with the hottest sophomore in the university.

yes, it seems that Diana has it all. great pad, great clothes, great car and a great boyfriend. but everyone was surprised to learn that Diana got into the Dean's List. you see, she never attended any of her classes and she participated more on the social side of college rather than the academic.

Diana tells her friends that she passed because she gets private tutoring from one of her professors.

very private lessons... if you know what i mean...

now, isn't she the shrewd one?

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