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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Binsk Moves to Cyberia! (Featuring Funky Cowboy)

Our Canadian friend Binsk has crossed the border and moved to Cyberia! She just enrolled as a freshman at Cyberia University!

She's assigned to a seasoned sophomore, and her mentor is none other than Funky Cowboy! They hit it off immediately, and are equally excited to find out they have a lot of common interests. For one, they're both enrolled in the Honors Arts course!

Although their interpretations are somewhat different...
... as are their subject matters.

For the first few weeks, it's all work and no play for Binsk. She burns the midnight oil working on her Freshman term paper.
"Enjoys" that good ol' college chow.
And studies some more. As you can see, Binsk is majoring in Theater, while Funky is majoring in Psychology.
Funky eventually helps Binsk lighten up (literally) and take in the full college experience, like this wacky hookah thing.

And of course, no college party would be complete without a stirring rendition of The Heart Goes On.
Though Funky prefers a Girls, Girls, Girls solo now an again.

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