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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Suri Surprise!!

Katie is struggling with her new role as zombie-mommy. Suri "relaxes" on the kitchen floor while Kate knocks back her twelfth Jager of the day.

Having sent Kate to sleep it off, Tom throws a birthday party for his little girl. On hand are a few of the couples closest friends: Britney, wearing a clean thong for the occasion. LiLo, who thought a "birthday suit" was the appropriate outfit; Deni Bonet, who isn't quite sure how she wound up on the guest list, and Tyra, who hasn't changed her clothes since Halloween.

But what's this?? When Tom ordered this baby, he CLEARLY said he needed it to be a girl! Since they never actually changed her diaper, Tom and Katie failed to notice that the baby dropped on their front lawn was a BOY! Tom is not sure what to do.

Suri, unaware of his gender-identity issue, splashes himself with toilet water.

Tom hooks himself up to the e-Meter. "L. Ron... help me! Vanity Fair ran a whole article about our baby GIRL! My credibility is at stake!"

A local Scientology soldier arrives and uses a clearing device in an attempt to rectify the situation and save Tom's reputation. Katie remains passed out, and the nanny mops the bathroom floor. "I need a Xanax," she mutters.

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