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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blondes Have More Fun

Britney and K-Fed, resting after a long day at the salon, discuss their ex-children who have been removed by Social Services. "I miss the little eggheads", sighs Britney.

She decides to give parenting another shot. She calls the Cyberian adoption agency, since they've given out kids to Tom like Halloween candy. Surely they'll give a few to her and the newly coiffed K-Fed! She points out that she's no longer blonde, so they can rest assured she'll be a lot smarter about her choices.

They are not buying it.

She knows that inviting Paris over will cheer her up. Paris, in her terminal blondeness, does not disappoint.

But the party's over when Karl shows up, convinced that it was Britney who caused a satellite to fall on his wife, the Contessa. He's out for blood (what else is new, the guy's a vampire!) and he's brought reinforcements. "Being a brunette is HARD!" thinks Britney.

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