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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bea Sting

Lu has reached that magical age of "teenager", so you know what that means, right?
That means Melodyann is also a teenager.
Since receiving Joe's life insurance policy, Nicole hasn't been able to get his suicide off her mind. She hires a private investigator to get to the bottom of his death. Within days, the investigator lets her in on our little secret. Joe discovered the baby swap that took place between Nicole and Kris. Rather than break his wife's heart, he went belly up in the pool. Nicole knows she cannot keep this secret, nor will she let it take her to the grave. She rushes to Kris' house and explains the windfall revelation.
Kris decides there's only one thing for them to do. Since they have raised each others' daughters for all these years, there's no WAY thet're swapping back now. But they also want to be a part of their natural daughters' lives. Kris finally extends the olive branch, and the girls agree that Nicole and Mel should move back into the Bea house.

Lu and Mel take time to process the information. They talk for hours about this odd shared family they're now to be a part of.
In fact, they talk straight through until morning.

As Lu heads to school, she's got Mommy Nicole on her mind.
And Mommy Nicole has daughter Lu on hers. Apparantly Mel is bugged about something. What could it be?
Oh yes, sharing a room with her "sister". The girls try to settle it with a good old fashioned noogy war.
However, Kris and Nicole have a better solution. They redecorate Kris' old room in the attic and move the girls in there.

Rest assured, the life time family bonds are still there for Kris and Lu...
... as with Nicole and Mel.

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