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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Risky Business

Zombie Katie puts Tom on the hot seat, asking him to tell her the truth about Suri. Did they have a baby or not??

Tom isn't quite the actor he thought he was!

He knows he has to act fast, and calls for help.

"One baby, coming right up!"

The baby-lady leaves the little Suri-imposter on the lawn, hoping she's not going to have to come back and rescue this one.

When Tom tells Katie the good news, that she actually *did* give birth, she is ecstatic!

She cannot believe her good fortune. She really, really does have a little bundle of flour to call her own! "Er, Kate? Over here..."

Almost immediately, Tom makes an honest zombie out of her.

As they toast the happy couple, Funky remembers the days when Tom was just a regular guy.

Tyra is just happy to be wearing J-Lo's dress.

Katie rushes to the computer to email Page Six, telling them to pop by for photos of Suri any time. Never one to miss a good party, a naked Lindsey heads back to the bathroom to vomit again.

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