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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Britney's Breakdown

Britney is still upset over losing her rugrats to Social Services. "I didn't do anything wrong! We're COUNTRY!"

She is sure that it was Zombie Katie, freaked out over her own pseudo-baby drama, that made the phone call.

K-Fed tries to console her. "But it's so much more fun without them!"

Tyra and Paris try to come up with a plan to help Britney through this tough time.

They suggest that she get dressed and go talk to the Social Services people, to convince them that she is "America's Next Top Mommy."

After changing into something, er, a little more trampy, she mistakes Paris for Madonna and tries to plant one on her. "I'm giving up sex for a year!" shrieks Paris. Don't you read "People"?

Mortified, she tries to blame her bizarre behavior on Tyra.

And takes her down.

Already out of control, she downs a bottle of "Curious" and heads off to find her kids.

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