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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Having gotten trashed at Tomkat's wedding, Lindsey brings one of the caterers home for a roll in the hay.

Unfortunately, he gives her more than just his recipe for tiramisu.

The next morning, Lindsey reflects on her lack of good judgment.

Katie comes over for a little girl-talk, and Lindsey assures her that she'll only have safe sex from now on. Katie is skeptical, but then again she doesn't know much about sex.

Lindsey invites some friends over, and quickly winds up in a wild makeout session with Dave Utenzi.

Katie sees where this is going, and discreetly pulls Lindsey out of harm's way. "Li-Lo? Your mom's on the phone. She wants to tell you about this great tiramisu recipe she just got from a 'friend'."

The guests leave and Lindsey sneaks a bite of a ham sandwich...

...but quickly gets rid of it.

She stays up all night IMing with Dave.

Before she knows it, she's three hours late for work. "Oh well! At least I'm not hung over!"

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