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Friday, October 13, 2006

Freaky Friday!

LiLo gets a visit from the social bunny. Although she's installed a bowling alley in her backyard, no one has stopped by for a visit in quite awhile. The social bunny suggests that LiLo lay off the booze and ask Dave Utenzi out on a date.

Dave hurries over and LiLo gives him quite a welcome. He's intrigued, but wants to go on a real date. "Let's go dancing!" he says.

And dance they do...

"Do the smustle!"

LiLo tries her hand at spinning, but cannot believe her eyes! Dave is flirting with Sister Immaculata. "Holy smokes! That lipstick is heavenly on you!" she hears him say.

When LiLo confronts him, Dave demands a commitment.

Her judgement clouded by sixteen apple-tinis, LiLo proposes...

...and Dave accepts. Will they make it to the altar? Will LiLo change her mind when she sobers up? Is sobering up in her future? Will Paris hit on Dave just to piss her off? Stay tuned!

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