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Saturday, November 18, 2006

TomKat's "Wedding"

Although Tom and Katie staged a Cyberian wedding a few weeks back (just to appease her parents), Tom has insisted that they have a Scientology wedding to make things appear legit. Katie chooses the perfect zombie wedding gown.

Sage Munster, who met an untimely end when he was eaten by a plant, has come back to warn Tom not to continue this charade. "We all know the truth, Tom! This "family man" act has got to stop! Neither of you are promoting a film!"

Tyra, in a rare moment of sanity, tries to convince Katie that going through with this marriage is a mistake. "Just ask Britney! Take the kid and run! Brit! Help me out here!"

Katie is convinced that she can juggle a career, motherhood and being a beard for Tom all at once. She's not worried.

Tom tells Britney to mind her own business. Where's Travolta when you need him?

Britney and a naked Tonya decide to leave Katie to her own devices. "Tyra was right," they think. K-Fed checks them both out while Katie stares blankly into space.

"Kate...everything is going to be wonderful! Just do everything I say and you'll be happy. Seriously. And the best part is, you'll never have to sleep with me."

The couple seal their Scientific vows with a fake kiss, failing to notice that LiLo just pulled up in her Herbie the Love Bug vehicle. Where LiLo goes, trouble follows...

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