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Monday, July 31, 2006

Trust Funds Are Boring -- Jodes, Snav, and Village Idiot

Snav and Jodes have been hanging out in their downtown condo for several months now. Being trust fund babies affords them certain luxuries. But sitting around in their Simone Perele lingerie seems to be boring the girls to tears.

"With all our money, Jodes, we should be traveling!" Snav decides. "Besides, with Paris in town now, being a heiress is totally last week."

The next day, Jodes joins the military. "Paris totally wouldn't do THIS!" she decides. Snav is bored, but not THAT bored.

Later the Village Idiot stops by to see his favorite girls (in this part of town). Looks as if he's picked up a nasty habit. Even the Goddess is quitting, VI!

While they wait for Jodes to get home from work, Snav and VI battle it out old school style.

And since Snav threw rock, and VI threw paper, he wins the right to prank the housekeeper.

Jodes returns from work with money on her mind. Work is so HARD, she thinks. But her daddy is so proud of his little princess that he buys her a new sports car and moves the girls into a respectable house in the suburbs of Cyberia.

Which, of course calls for a good old fashion pillow fight for all the neighbors to see.

Still, you'd think with all their money, Jodes could hire a cook and get off the cereal kick. Silly Jodes, Trix are for kids.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Makeover Coming!

Adventures in Cyberia is going to have a face lift! Things have changed around here. Fewer goddesses, more Sim-lebrities. Xtessa, who designed the current layout, is moving on so I'm gonna have to figure out how to update this thang.

In the meantime, if you are a blogger who has been turned into a SIM and want to remain in town, let us know! Otherwise, be prepared to see your SIM likeness eaten by flies or succumbing to bird flu. We have the power to kill you off and we're not afraid to do it.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Girls Behaving Badly

In an attempt to get her to calm down, Paris' mother sends her to live with Sister Immaculata. (I guess she hasn't seen Sister's swimwear). Paris says that she might want to become a nun too.

But while she was buttering up the unsuspecting Sister, she was also sprinkling Xanax on her breakfast.

The sun's still up, but Paris wants to hit the hotspots early.

Paris orders a drink while Britney sings the blues.

She spots Tom and throws a drink in his face. "I know your zombie wife called Social Services on me!"

Tom slaps her. "My wife isn't even allowed to use the phone!"

Britney's not quite sure how to respond to that.

She lashes out at Katie. "I know it was you. They came and took my kids away! You were just jealous because your baby is just a figment of your publicist's imagination!"

Never turn your back on a zombie after a spewing a line like that.

"Oh my... I've created a monster", sobs Tom.

Having stayed out all night watching the Celebrity Death Match of Cyberia, Paris returns home to find Sister Immaculata just where she left her. Passed out in her pancakes.

"Where's Colin Farrell when you need him?"

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Katie's Revenge?

Freaked out by zombie Katie's threatening behavior towards their kids, Britney and K-Fed move to the other end of Cyberia. It was also easier to move than to clean up all the beer cans and cigarette butts.

The Federlines throw a big birthday party for both boys. Partying along with K-Fed are Paris and Tyra. Britney pretends she's not threatened.

Bubba blows out the candles (with help from Britney and friends). Exposed to lots of secondhand smoke, Bubba is feeling a little short of breath.

Sean Preston celebrates his special day, too. One step closer to emancipation.

Once the party is over, Bubba screams for food. K-Fed takes out the garbage, while Britney asks, "Do you like my hair this way?"

K-Fed tells Britney that he finally saw the Pam and Tommy video. "Wow! I've never seen anything like it!" But while they chat, the SIMS gods send a clear warning. Click on this to read it.

Brit and K-Fed enjoy a pillow fight while Bubba continues to scream for sustenance.

Sean Preston tries to help, but there's nothing in the fridge except several six-packs of Bud.

He finds an almost-empty quart of milk (the rest was used for Black Russians), but Bubba is still out of luck.

All the while, Mom and Dad are sleeping peacefully, both dreaming about Britney's new hairdo.

What's this??? Someone has called Social Services! Off goes a relieved Bubba...

...with Sean Preston close behind.

The next morning, Britney tries to round the kids up for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. They are nowhere to be found! She calls the police who suggest that Sean Preston may simply have driven Bubba to Wal-Mart.

But a bereft Britney suspects foul play. Katie was jealous of Britney's offspring, and apparently didn't drag her feet about taking action. (Well, she was dragging her LEG, but that's because she's a zombie.)

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Double Trouble

Last time we saw Mojo Jojo, Liesl had given birth in his house. Panicked when she realized that her baby was not going to "pass" as the offspring of her husband Lonnie, Liesl left little Alf with Mojo. Talk about a housewarming gift! Just in time, Paris Hilton drops by as part of her most recent "Simple Life" assignment: Helping single-parent Cyberians raise their other-worldly offspring.

Unbeknownst to Liesl, Mojo had been abducted by aliens shortly after moving to Cyberia. The aliens gave Mojo a little gift of their own, and he doubles over in pain.

Then, almost miraculously..

...little Venus appears!

Mojo is now the proud daddy of TWO alien babies.

Paris is not much help.


She moves on pretty quickly, and demands a better assignment from E!

Knowing that he needs assistance, and fast, Mojo invites Chatty over for dinner and a few diaper changes. She's polite, but is a little put off by his shabby appearance and boring conversation about reflux. She turns up the volume on her iPod.

Once the kids are asleep, however, Chatty and Mojo really connect.

Alien babies grow up FAST, and these two are no exception. Mojo and Chatty throw a wild party for the two little green monsters.

And realize that they make a great team.

Still, these two will try anyone's patience, so Chatty and Mojo decide to hire a sitter and leave for a few hours.

They make their way downtown to get high with some local artists..

...and find a quiet place to get busy.

Although this was Mojo's "first time", Chatty is quite satisfied.

Meanwhile, Liesl is back home with Lonnie and Kramer, hoping that Lonnie will forget that the last time he saw her she was sporting an enormous belly. With any luck, he'll just focus on her breasts.

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