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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Matriculating Sandy and Tee

tee and sandy are now juniors in college. they've moved out of the nice pad they were housesitting when they found a vampire's coffin out the back. they decided to give the college dorms a try.sandy is now sporting a new 'do and has developed quite a fashion sense after discovering something called In Style Magazine.
meanwhile, tee has discovered the joys of hair extensions. no more crappy hairstyles for this gal!
she has also changed majors. she realized that she's more of the creative type so she's now majoring in literature and paints as a hobby.
sandy also changed her major to biology 'coz she always found the human body fascinating. she's always reading those thick medical books nowadays... and tee still can't get over how hair looks!
in the past, tee and sandy were "really close" but they're over it now. living in the dormitory have introduced them to an interesting species called college boys.
tee's dating them left and right trying to figure out what's her type.
sandy, meanwhile, seems to be getting serious with a senior who's interning at company soon opening for business in cyberia.
the girls seem to be having a good time at the university... especially with boys streaking almost everyday (although tee thinks his thing is as small as a bug). now, isn't that what college is all about?

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Baby Daddy is a French Fry

Liesl is just a kid at heart, but what she really, really wants is a kid of her own.

She's shacked up with Lonnie after an ill-advised affair with the now elderly Mister Wonderful. Lonnie is an out-of-work actor but Liesl is falling for him against her better judgment. She thinks he's cute and that they'll make pretty babies together.

He tells her they really can't think about getting married and having kids until he gets a job, but Liesl has other ideas.

She proposes, assuring him that she can wait to have babies...she just wants to be married!

No one shows up for their wedding. The other Cyberians think this union is doomed.

Oh but what's this??

As they clean up the mess, Liesl tries to convince Lonnie that she's sick from too much wedding cake, since they had to eat it all themselves.

But what's her excuse the next day?

There's no denying it now. When you're pregnant in Cyberia, you don't just lose your figure, you lose your fashion sense too.

And in Liesl's case, your mind. While Lonnie has responsibly run out to look for work, Liesl invites Mister over "for old times' sake". The houseboy claims that "everything is clean", but that Liesl is one dirty bird.

Unaware that Liesl is getting a whopper with special sauce on the side, Lonnie tirelessly continues to audition.
A casting director determines that Lonnie couldn't act scared on the A-Train at 4 AM, but feels sorry for him. She gets him a gig that will at least help pay the bills.

And just in time, too. In a Cyberian minute, little Kramer is born. But will Lonnie find out about Liesl's indiscretion? Will he want to keep the baby? Is the baby even his?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Marie's Comeback

after Marie got over her first breakdown, she decided that being poor just wasn't her. so she printed out a fake diploma, omitted the fact that she got expelled in her CV and started hunting for jobs.

she decided to pursue a career in politics since she's good at lying, erm, deceit... err.. scratch that. she just knew she's good. eventually, she landed a job as a lobbyist for some political group who were very anti-environment.

one of her assignments was to convince a member of the senate to hinder a bill that would help preserve some of cyberia's wildlife.

but Marie is the master when it comes to being sneaky so she presented the senator with her own agenda, erm, ideas. she was so masterful that the senator hired her on the spot.

realizing her power of persuasion, she invited the senator over for some of her wicked chili con carne and to voice out her worldly views. if she wants a career in politics, she ought to master her conversational skills.

it paid off as Marie got promoted once again and becomes a City Council Member of Cyberia. now, she has a little more power and, more importantly, more money. she might just be able to move out of the trailer park!

finally, she had money to buy groceries and be able to eat decent food for once, instead of eating TV Dinners everyday.

she also has enough money to buy new clothes. the ones she got at salvation army won't get her voted into office if ever she decides to run for president or something.

but, with all this success, could Marie have upset someone? say, a colleague who was next in line for promotion instead of her? or the old political groups she lobbied for and screwed over for her own benefit? 'coz someone is surely pissed as Marie finds her newspapers stolen and trash can being kicked over on a daily basis.

eventually, all this stress has taken a toll on Marie's health. well, the trash doesn't help either as its toxic fumes surrounds Marie's trailer.

now, she's sick with the flu and she might just be getting a heart attack.

can you say.... karma?

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chatty Gets Around!

When last we saw Chatty and Stephanie, they were cuddling in the Love Tub.

Stephanie is a party girl, though, so while Chatty sits alone thinking of her newfound love, Steph entertains her guests with a wicked game of pool.

Robin ,having been claimed by the Grim Reaper, comes back to her old "haunt". Steph is pretty freaked out. She's also worried that the ghost of Deni will come back and reclaim Chatty.

Remember PG, Kevin and Julie? They are so busy jumping on the sofa that they've forgotten to take the Christmas tree down.

Tired of being the third wheel, Julie decides to make a move on non-blogger Benjamin.

However, Benjamin isn't interested.

Suspecting that Kevin is behind Benjamin's decision to reject her, Julie slaps him silly.

Chatty stops by the mansion. She asks PG if she watches "The Soup" on E! (Of course PG does. Doesn't everyone?)

Benjamin finally admits to Julie that he's heard she's pretty dumb.

Positive that Kevin is the one poisoning Benjamin's mind, Julie beats the crap out of him while poor Apple (PG & Kevin's daughter visiting from college), screams for help.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Desperate Anne Marie

after dumping Bud, Anne Marie decided to move on with her life. being pregnant with her second child with Bud is NOT gonna stop her.with her hormones out of whack, she finds herself deliriously attracted to her male housekeeper. he looks gay, but he might just put out, thinks Anne Marie.
well, he did. after he made the bed, Anne Marie jumped him and they woohooed their hearts out.
of course, all that hot action forced Anne Marie into an early delivery. she pushed and pushed...
... and with a final twirl, gave birth to a daughter whom she named Dana Marie.
the houseboy's heart melted when he saw the little baby and proceeded to take care of her while Anne Marie got some rest.
the next morning, Anne Marie got the shock of her life when he asked for her hand in marriage. will she accept? will she be the housekeeper's wife? or is there more to him than just dusting and toilet-cleaning?

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